Elect Libertarian Mike Ross Arizona Governor in 2010


Drug War Issues

I think all drugs should be legalized for medical, recreational and any other uses people find for them.

The stupid drug war is illegal and unconstitutional per the 9th and 10th Amendments at the Federal level and any state drug wars are illegal and unconstitutional per the 14th Amendment.

If I had my way I would repeal all the drugs laws. But as governor I canít do that. But I will do the best I can to prevent the government from enforcing any of the stupid unconstitutional drug laws.

I will also pardon any and all drug war criminals I can and release them from prison and restore all their right.

Any American should be able to walk into the drug store and buy a kilo of coke and a brick of marijuana without having to show any identification or have any questions asked. The government doesnít have any business poking around in your personal life telling you what drugs you can and canít take.

Does a nine year old have the right to smoke marijuana or pop LSD? That certainly isnít a question the government should be asking or even regulating. The kid and his parents should answer that question.

Gun Control

Gun control is about being able to hit your target.

The government doesnít have any right to control guns. It is a god given right for a person to be able to carry a gun to protect themselves! I believe that is an absolute right.

A person should be able to walk into a gun shop and be able to buy a AK-47 machine gun and a rocket launcher with out having to show a government issued identification card or have any other questions asked.

Well maybe if it was a 9 year walks in the clerk doesnít know the child it would probably be smart for the clerk to call the kids mom before making the sale.

It's your life! You know how to run it better then I do!

Hey itís your life! Why do you want to elect a government nanny to run it? You know how to run your life better then any government nanny.

And if you elect me as governor of Arizona I will do as little as possible to run your life. If I can get away with it I will do nothing to force you to change how you run your life. After all itís your life and you know how to run it better then me.

The Libertarian concept on how you should run your life is that you can do anything you want as long as you donít initiate force or fraud against another person.

Want to smoke a joint? Find go smoke a joint, thatís not initiating force or fraud against anybody else.

Want to vote to tax your neighbors to pay for your expenses? Well that is wrong! When you vote to have a tax that steals money from other people and gives it to you that is initiating force against another person.

I think taxes are wrong. I wonít vote to increase any taxes. And I will vote to eliminate any tax I can.

While the governors office canít on itís own repeal any tax laws I will do everything I can to stonewall the government and prevent it from collecting taxes.

Marriage - Gays, Lesbians, and Homosexuals

Marriage is a private issue between two or more people. The government should not regulate marriage. The government has no business poking itís nose into the life of married people. The government should not regulate marriage in any way.

Gays, Lesbians, and Homosexuals? The government has no business asking you what your sexual orientation is. And the government doesnít have any business passing laws micro-managing your sexual orientation or what you can do because of it. Itís your private life and the government has no business poking itís nose into it.


If youíre hot enough for people to pay you to have sex with them I think that is great!

Prostitution is another one of those victimless crimes that the government doesnít have any business regulating. When people have sex it is none of the governments stinking business.

As governor I wonít be able to repeal the prostitution laws, but I certainly will pardon anybody convicted of the crime. And I will try to throw a monkey wrench into the efforts of any government nannies that try to enforce these laws.


If you want an abortion have one! If you think abortion is wrong donít have one! Itís the womanís body and the government doesnít have any damn business telling a woman if she can have an abortion or not!

I will fire lots of government bureaucrats

I hate fat government bureaucrats who are parasites and collect fat salaries that we pay in exchange for doing nothing. I will fire as many of these parasites as I can. ASU President Michael Crow will be the first to get fired.

Legalize all victimless crimes

If a crime doesnít have a victim it ainít a crime! The laws against all victimless crimes should be repealed.

Crimes against drugs, liquor, prostitution, gambling, pornography and blue laws are all victimless crimes that should be repealed.

I would pardon anyone convicted of these crimes and do my best to keep these stupid laws from being enforced.

Pardons? I will give out lots of pardons!

If I do get elected government I really canít change the laws. It is the governors job to enforce the laws.

But for laws that stink I will give out pardons for each and every person convicted of a victimless crime. Any body that has been convicted of a victimless drug war crime will get a pardon from me. Same for anybody that is doing time for a victimless crime like gambling, prostitution or even failing to pay their taxes, because after all taxes are just a politically correct name for stealing when the government does it.

I will give lots of pardons and free all of the people who were jailed for victimless crimes.

Photo Radar

Photo radar to nab speeders, traffic light runners and other variations of the theme is nothing but a revenue program designed to steal money from people who commit a victimless crime that didnít hurt anyone and put the revenue into the pockets of government bureaucrats. I would do everything possible to end it. It is nothing but a government theft program.

DUI Patrols and Round Ups

DUI patrols and round ups is nothing but a jobs program for overpaid cops and a way to raise revenue for government bureaucrats. I would shut down this government theft program.

In the old days when DUI was first invented the legal limit was .15 which in many people means they really are drunk. But it has been watered down to .08 which ainít even close to being really drunk. A petite 100 pound woman is legally drunk after one beer. The .08 limit is really an excuse to make it easy for the cops to shake down people who have had one or two or three beers and steal $1,000 to $2,000 from them which seems to be the minimum fine for DUI these days. And for the alleged extreme DUI which of .15, which was normal DUI in the old days, they will often shake them down for $5,000+.

If the government told you that you couldnít drink in your own home you would say that is wrong, after all you own your home. Now the streets are ďpublic propertyĒ and you own them too. So the government doesnít have any business telling you that you canít drink and drive.

Of course it is stupid to drink and drive. I wouldnít recommend it. But if you drink and drive it should not be a criminal offence. It should only be a civil offense if you have an accident. Then the persons who caused the accident should pay for the damages of the people hurt.

Did you know that some studies have show that talking on a cell phone while you are driving is just as dangerous as driving drunk? If thatís true it proves DUI ainít as dangerous as the cops make it out to be and proves my point that the cops have all these DUI patrols for the loot it brings in as opposed to making the streets safer.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Pretty much every war the USA has been involved in since World War II has been an unconstitutional and illegal war. Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan are some of them. And I am against all of them.

All of these wars were unconstitutional because they were not was declared and approved by the cowards in Congress.

Yes I know this is not an Arizona issue but a Federal issue, but we should all strive to eliminate the tyranny of the Federal government.

The Draft

The military use of the draft is nothing but slavery. I am against it.

The Thirteenth Amendment clearly states that slavery in the USA is only legal when it's used for punishment of a crime a person has been convicted of.

Thirteenth Amendment

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Iím shocked that the morons on the Supreme Court could rule that using slavery to get military recruits is constitutional. They were wrong then and still are wrong now. The draft is nothing but slavery and should be unconstitutional.

Yes I know the draft isnít an Arizona issue it is a Federal issue, but it is something we should all strive to get rid of. The draft is wrong

Taxes i.e. Theft

If me, you and my buddy Vinny vote two to one that me and Vinny are going to whack you in the head with a two by four and take 10 percent of whatís in your wallet that is called theft.

When a bunch of Congressmen vote 51 to 49 to steal 10 percent of whatís in your wallet they call it by the politically incorrect term of ďtaxesĒ. I call it for what it is theft. When a bunch of thieves in government vote to steal your money it isnít any different then if me and my buddy Vinny voted to steal your money. Itís theft.

I will do as much as I can to prevent the government from stealing your money using the politically incorrect term ďtaxesĒ.

Of course that is the Libertarian position on taxes. Libertarians think it is wrong for the government to steal your money. Sadly Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Socialists, Communists and most other political parties think the government has a God given right to steal your money.


If you want to gamble, then gamble. If you donít want to gamble, then donít gamble. Itís your money spend it how you want to.

The government doesnít have any damn business telling you whether you can gamble or not. Nor does the government have any business taxing the money you win or lose when you gamble.

Drinking booze and partying

If you want to drink beer or liquor, then fine drink beer, liquor or both. If you donít want to drink liquor then donít drink. It your life; run it the way you want to.

The government doesnít have any business telling you if you can drink beer, liquor or anything else. And the government doesnít have any right to shake you down for a tax on any beer or liquor you sell or drink.

If you want to open a bar or night club then fine, open a bar or a night club. Itís your money and your life, you shouldn't have to get permission from the government on how to run your life.

I think the current system where you get permission from the government to sell liquor or operate a nightclub is wrong. Why on earth should you have to get permission from a government nanny to sell booze, itís just another food.

The current system is really a ďliquor and booze cartelĒ created by the government. You give some government nanny $10,000 to $20,000 for a booze license and in turn the government nanny lets you into the ďliquor and booze cartelĒ and cuts out the competition by limiting the number of liquor licenses. Damn, the more I think about it the liquor regulations sound like something that was created by a Mafia Don.

Zoning vs. Deed Restrictions

If you own a store and you want to open a business you first have to get a zoning permit from the government. Why on earth should you have to get permission from a government nanny to open a business on land you own?

Libertarians think the zoning system sucks. We would replace it with deed restrictions.

With zoning restrictions you have to ask the government for permission to use your land. Libertarians think that that is wrong.

With deed restrictions you voluntarily give up the right to use your property for one thing or another. Someone usually pays you to give up the right to use your property.

Person A wants to build a retirement home next to person Bís land. Person A pays person B to put a deed restriction on person Bís land saying person B wonít let the land be used for any purpose that disturbs the people living in person Aís retirement home.

Pretty simple concept and it doesnít use any government force.

The city of Houston Texas uses deed restrictions and it works quit well.


I am all for immigration. If it were up to me I would fire all the tyrants in Homeland Security, La Migra and the Border Patrol. And I would rip down all the stinking fences that separate the USA from Mexico and Canada. Of course I am running for governor of Arizona not the President so I canít do that.

The government doesnít have any business telling a person where they can live or where they can work. If I want to live and in Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York City or Chicago that decision should be up to me, not some government nanny.

I feel the same way about anybody that lives in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Hermosillo, Tijuana or Nogales. If they want to move to Arizona and live and work here that should be their decision, not some government nannys!

The government doesnít have any business telling people where they can work or live. And if I get elected I will do absolutely nothing to enforce the current immigration laws. And I will pardon anybody that gets arrested for being here illegally.

Veto, Veto, Veto

One of the biggest ways I would reduce government is with the veto! I will veto any and every bill that is passed that raises taxes or increases government regulation. You can count on me to veto more bills then any other governor in the history of Arizona.

Religion Issues

I am an atheist. I wonít think in your church if you wonít pray in my house!

You should be able to believe in any supernatural deities that you want to. Itís your God given right. Just as long as you donít try to force your religious views on anyone else.

Religion and government need to be separate! Lets keep them that way!

One of the biggest problems with government both at the Federal and State levels is that people often use government to force their religious views on the people they rule. That is wrong. I will do everything I can to stop enforcing silly laws that were created for religious reasons.

Most of these silly laws are victimless crimes. Laws against as prostitution, gambling, drugs, liquor and drugs all seem to be laws created by religious crack pots to force their religious believes on other people. I will do my best to prevent them from being enforced or ask to have them repealed.

Government Welfare Programs

I am against all government welfare programs. When the government uses a gun and forces people to give to charities it is always wrong. Government welfare programs are just a legalized form of theft.

Government welfare programs are often programs for elected officials to buy votes by giving away free stuff. Vote for me because I gave you a subsidized housing program. Vote for me because I gave you food stamps and a free lunch.

Government welfare programs are often programs to pay off special interest groups that helped a politician get elected. The professional baseball team that gave the mayor $100,000 to help him get re-elected is always going to get a corporate welfare program that includes a free $100 million stadium for the team to play in.

Hell government welfare programs have grown so popular we even have government agencies are getting government welfare programs from other government agencies. The state of Arizona has a government welfare program where it taxes you the people and gives the loot it stole you to the cities to spend.

Why on earth is the state of Arizona collecting a tax for cities? The answer is simple. If the city council raised the taxes high enough to collect the amount of loot they want to spend they would be tarred and feathered along with being voted out of office. So they ask the sugar daddies in the Arizona House and Senate to steal the loot for them.

I will do the best I can to stop these government welfare programs. But sadly this is what government is all about. Government is a legalized form of theft where the government gets to steal your money and give it to special interest groups who helped them get elected or to use the stolen loot to buy votes to help them get re-elected.

And you think the Arizona government is crooked! Just read about the earmarks in the Federal government and you will get even sicker!

Government is the problem, not the solution!

In general government is always the problem, not the solution. I will do my best to get rid of as much government as I can.

Normal people can always find ways to screw up their lives. But to really mess us things it requires government. So lets get rid of as much government as we can.

A man without a party!

The evil ALP Inc takes over ALP

Mike was a member of the Arizona Libertarian Party (ALP) until the Arizona Libertarian Party Incorporated (ALP Inc), which was created by Peter Schmerl sued ALP and took over the party after winning the lawsuit in the appeals court in August 2001. Although Mike is registered as a Libertarian voter he doesnít consider himself a member of Peter Schmerlís phony baloney ALP Inc.

A nutshell of that case was the ALP openly refused to obey Arizonaís election laws. Arizona election law requires party conventions to be held in Phoenix in the month of January. ALP illegally held our conventions in any city except Phoenix and in any month except January.

Peter Schmerl created his ALP Inc, held a convention in Phoenix in January and then went to the Arizona Secretary of State and said that because his phony balony ALP Inc obeyed the Arizona election law that made ALP Inc the official Arizona Libertarian Party. The lower court didnít buy that, but the appeals court did and ALP disbanded after losing in August 2001.

National Libertarian Party takes a dive!

Since itís founding the National Libertarian Party has always based its platform on the ďNon initiation of force or fraudĒ principle or NIFF as some people like to abbreviate it.

Itís a pretty simple concept. You can do anything you want as long as you donít initiate force or fraud against another person.

Sadly at its last convention around 2008 the National Libertarian Party decided it was more important to get people elected then to keep their principles and they dropped the ďNon initiation of force or fraudĒ principle.

Mike thinks its more important to keep your principles then to get elected and doesnít consider himself a member of the National Libertarian Party any more.

Mike needs a party to hang out with. Maybe the PCP, or Personal Choice Party will be his next party. They seem to have the same principles that the Libertarian Party used to have. I think my atheist Libertarain friend Dr. Ken Larsen founded the Personal Choice Party.

David Dorn accuses Mike Ross of being a government snitch

In 2001 Mike Ross found out thru Ernest Hancock that David Dorn the owner of the insurance company Dorn Agency has been telling people that Mike Ross is some type of government snitch. Needless to say Mike Ross was very angry.

David Dorn has never been kind enough to tell Mike Ross any of the details about David Dornís slanderous accusations.

The only thing Mike Ross heard is that he is accused either of taking photos or being with someone who was taking photos at one of David Dornís F.R.E.E. Supper Club meeting in 1997.

Mike Ross is pretty angry with David Dorn. The creep destroys Mikeís life by branding him a government snitch and then wonít even tell him the details so he can defend himself.

Are you Libertarian?

Do you like all the stuff I have been rambling on about? Less government and more freedom? If you do like it your probably Libertarian or Libertarian leaning. You should really check out the Libertarian Party.

The basic concept of the Libertarian platform is the ďNon initiation of force or fraudĒ principle or NIFF as some people like to abbreviate it.

NIFF means you can do anything you want as long as you donít initiate force or fraud against another person.

Say you need to build a road from point A to point B.

The Libertarians method of doing that would to get everybody who wants the road to agree to pay for the costs of building the road and acquiring the land. And agree on who was to maintain the road and who could use the road. Nobody would be forced to pay for the road. Rather everybody who wanted the road would agree in advance to pay for the road.

The current method of building a road from point A to point B is a government nanny decides that road will be built. The government nannies then steal the land needed for the road thru a method of thief they call eminent domain. Then the government nannies steal the money needed to build and maintain the road using stolen money they acquire with a politically correct form of theft they call taxes.

So in a Libertarian world you only do what you want to do. In the current world you do what ever the government ruler tells you to do.

You might be shaking your head and saying "well not much will get done in a Libertarian world because nobody will agree to spend their hard earned money on all the things the government does for us".

Well believe me that is the benefit of the Libertarian way of doing things. You will get to spend your money on what you want to buy, not some government nanny forces you to buy.

Some other offices Mike Ross has run for